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•    With a substantial leaning towards world music, particularly Afro-Cuban styles, you’ve got any enjoyable musical experience that  makes for a foot-tapping Saturday night. Paul Bream Jazz North
ref Green Festival Will 01912724635    07792073801
•    SOZNAK were really good fun, great play list.  People old and young were dancing to the music.  Loved the version of Stormy Weather, All musicians incredibly talented and solos section were always impressive.  I was very pleased
Helen Moore (01670 542267) Blyth Valley Borough  Council Cultural development officer re open air performance of Soznak Blyth in a new light festival 5th Nov 2006
•    I would like to thank you and the band for a memorable evening of entertainment. I received many positive comments about my choice of band. Your percussive entrance was nothing short of sensational I will be happy to recommend Sosnak as the perfect band for a ball or party.
Matthew Goode President, Civil Engineering and Geosciences Society (CegSoc) University of Newcastle upon Tyne 07986933878

•    I just wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thank you to you and all of the guys for the prom last night. You were really amazing! I couldnt believe how many people you managed to get dancing before the night had even really began… People were dancing sober!
David Gardner

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Streets Are Alive With the Sound of Music

Strolling down Northumberland Street in Newcastle I was delighted to hear swingy sounds filling the air. Even without a rhythm section, apart from the baritone sax who played some bassish lines, it swung along nicely. Radio 2 should have been recording it! (That’s a compliment by the way guys – see previous post).
I didn’t realise it at the time but the four hornmen are an offshoot of Soznak – a band that was one of the success stories of the recent Mouth of the Tyne Festival. I should have stayed longer!
I must also commend them on their business acumen – set up next to a cash machine. No excuse folks!
If you want to know more go to their excellent myspace site.

Next up were the excellent Soznak in Front Street . They should have been on the main stage. If you’ve never heard them think Baghdaddies with African instead of Middle Eastern influences. And the video is the rather wonderful “Weekily”:

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