Gondwana Sound Dear Dad Tango review

Soznak, where Tyneside meets the Tigris, new release.
Submitted by Jill Turner on 14 May, 2009 – 20:48.

albumcoverNews in from Home Made Records: Soznak are giving London a run for its money in the global multicultural music scene with their release Dear Dad Tango on their own Home Made Rekords label. The name may Sound Eastern European but SOZNAK is actually named after a Middle-Eastern mode which brightens and elevate, the sound of a piece of music. Read on…

In that sense it is very true to the spirit of the group, whose sound is a life-affirming synthesis of the collective musical heritage of its various band constituents. There are strong elements of soukous and Afro-Cuban strands but other musical ingredients surface through the mix, derived from Spain, Latin America, Angola, Congo. Kwa Zulu—Natal, Cameroon, Iran, Iraq, and Ireland.
How did such a richly contrasting sound develop outside of London? Well, Newcastle upon Tyne benefits from a varied Influx or culturally talented po]itical refugees and Soznak Is an exciting product or that Increasing ethnic diversity In the North-East of England; creating a unique and joyful sound. The rich blend of styles in the music connects the breadth of cultural interplay among the band members who have made their homes in Newcastle.

During regular al fresco street gigs Soznak has had the city dancing to many world beats. Regular street performances to an average cross section of the population have created a tight ensemble and an extensive shared musical vocabulary that can please audiences as complex demographically as the bond.

With the debut album Dear Dad Tango (Home Made Rekords), Soznak captures brilliantIy the energy and style of its stage shows and earlier musical apprenticeship. With the national release for the album, SOZNAK is about to export its irresistible sound to the rest or the UK.

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1 chris November 11, 2009 at 7:54 am

What a wonderful review. Totally captures what the album is for me too :-)

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